4Life Fortify® Donation in Peru (February 2012)

4Life Fortify® Donation in Peru (February 2012)
4Life distributors teamed up with corporate executives to feed more than 250 children in San Miguel, Ayacucho, Peru and to announce a donation of more than 8,000 meal packs of 4Life Fortify. In addition to a hearty lunch, each child received a school backpack filled with supplies. Top-ranking distributors in attendance included International Diamonds Renán Caparachín Roque, Carmen L. Madge, and Presidential Diamond Laura Pastor Rocca de Murgueytio.
The donation took place at a community center in a remote area of the Andes. The Fortify donation will be divided between the community center and 12 area schools that also have feeding programs. The community was overwhelmed by the visit and donation due to the long commute necessary to access this area.

“4Life Fortify will provide these families with basic nutrition, and therefore a better chance for growth,” said 4Life Fortify Nutrition Program Director Tracie Kay. “Projects like this are made possible thanks to the wonderful generosity of our 4Life family.”