4Life Fortify®Donation in Guayaquil, Ecuador
April 2011

Ecuador is a highly polarized country, with deep and widespread poverty. Over 40% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. Close to 800,000 young people in Ecuador work to support themselves and their families and many children are denied access to the most basic human rights. And, 22% of Ecuadorian children drop out of school before reaching even basic literacy. Ecuador is a country with desperate needs for better nutrition, care, and education for children.

Imagine a small child—even as young as three or four years old—selling flowers on the street at a red light, trying to make a small amount of money before the light turns green. And imagine her older brother, helping his mother dig through the trash to find items to recycle for money. Because survival is the main focus of every day, these children can’t even think about the future. Education isn’t even on their minds, but with the help of 4Life and its third-party partners, it could be…

In April 2011, 4Life Vice President, International Rich Decker; General Manager of Ecuador Octavio Escalante; Foundation 4Life® Director Tracie Kay; and Gold International Diamonds Esdras Cabrera Alberto, Esthela Carpio Rodas and Galo Celi, and Lorena Daza Castillo and Dr. Armando Segovia traveled to Guayaquil, Ecuador to make several 4Life Fortify donations. 4Life worked with Juconi, a social organization with 15 years of experience helping children in Ecuador who are at risk for violence. Juconi helps to build solutions that ensure healthy personal development for children and families.

The first event occurred at Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family) school in a poverty-stricken community of Guayaquil. The 4Life team was greeted by approximately 250 children through age 12 who attend the school or have older siblings who attend. There was a party atmosphere in the air! 4Life executives and distributors served 4Life Fortify and pasta salad to the kids, plus three cakes. The kids were in heaven with such a great treat. The Gold International Diamonds joined with the 4Life Ecuador office to purchase an individual gift for each child. They broke the kids into age groups and gender and purchased appropriate items such as kitchen play sets, dolls, soccer balls, trucks, and make-up kits.

The next day, the 4Life group delivered food bags to three individual families in one of the poorest and most unstable neighborhoods in the city. Each bag contained grains, soy, and lentils provided by Juconi, plus two bags of 4Life Fortify. They met with the mothers in their homes. Esdras presented them with the food bags and explained the significance of the 4Life Fortify donation. The mothers were very grateful for the donation and excited that they would continue to receive on-going 4Life Fortify donations in the future with their monthly Juconi food rations.