4Life Fortify Nourishes Kids in Guatemala

(April 2014) Over 4,000 bags of 4Life Fortify were shipped to Palencia, Guatemala, in cooperation with 4Life’s third-party partner, Feed The Children. 4Life® estimates that more than 96,000 meals will be served with this shipment. This is 4Life’s second shipment to Palencia.

Between 150 and 200 children attend the Palencia community feeding center on a daily basis. The majority of these kids suffer from malnutrition, and the meal at the community center is their only nutritious meal of the day. 4Life Fortify provides these children with a nourishing meal and helps support their immune system health and overall wellness.

4Life Fortify® Launched in Guatemala

May 2013, With the arrival of the initial shipment of 3,900 bags of 4Life Fortify in Guatemala, 4Life distributors teamed up with corporate executives to feed more than 200 children in Palencia. In addition to a lunch, each child received a pair of shoes, reading books, and a treat bag. The launch event also included piñatas and Marimba (traditional Guatemalan) music.

Top-ranking distributors in attendance included Platinum International Diamonds Ray and Barbara Meurer, Gold International Diamond Ileana Johnson, and International Diamond Shawn Alford.

“These donations were made possible because of the generous participation of 4Life distributors. Thank you for your support,” said 4Life Fortify Nutrition Program Director Tracie Kay. “Your contributions are creating new opportunities in many children’s lives and positively impacting their well-being. Through your donations, we can continue to make a difference here in Palencia and around the world.”

Other corporate attendees included Vice President of International Product Registration Catherine Larsen and Senior Director, International Daniel Taylor.

Ray Meurer: “Being here in Guatemala, and seeing the tremendous need, has truly touched my heart. I have been able to see what 4Life Fortify means for this feeding center, and the happiness it brings to these families. Just one additional bag of 4Life Fortify per month can help do even more.”

Fortify Donation

4Life’s initial shipment of 3,900 bags of 4Life Fortify (93,600 children’s meals) is en route to the country of Guatemala. This donation will be distributed to multiple Feed The Children community centers beginning in early April.

The shipment departed from 4Life Global Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, on March 7, on a truck westbound for Oakland, California. There, it will be loaded onto a ship for departure on March 20. The shipment is scheduled to arrive in the port city of Santo Tomás de Castilla (also known as Matías de Gálvez) on April 3.

“This 4Life Fortify shipment will provide many children with basic nutrition,” said 4Life Fortify Nutrition Program Director Tracie Kay. “Thank you to the distributors around the world who purchase 4Life Fortify. As a for-profit program——you make these donations possible.”