Fifth 4Life Fortify® Shipment Bound for Honduras
Foundation 4Life Fortify in Honduras

On January 13, 2014, a shipment of 8,500 bags of 4Life Fortify left 4Life Global Headquarters en route to Honduras. This was the fifth donation of meal packs to Honduras. 4Life will continue to help feed over 500 children in Jardines del Norte, our flagship 4Life Service community in Honduras, as well as Tegucigalpita. 4Life supports a community center and the Productive Carpentry School in Tegucigalpita.

This Honduras shipment is just another example of 4Life fulfilling its mission to support and build a long-term relationship with communities around the world. 4Life has been helping to stabilize the economic environment and food security in these two communities since 2010, so parents can focus on finding better ways to support their families and change the course of their futures.

4Life® Makes Its First 4Life Fortify® Donation
Steve Tew & Tracie Kay in Honduras

July 19, 2010 marked a milestone in 4Life’s humanitarian efforts. 4Life President Steve Tew, Foundation 4Life® Director Tracie Kay, and Vice President, International Rich Decker were on-site in San Pedro Sula, Honduras to make the inaugural donation of 4Life Fortify® nutritional meal packs to some very deserving children. Steve, Tracie, and Rich served this incredible product to children at a feeding center in the community of Tegucigalpita that serves approximately 150 children a day, Monday through Friday. At the feeding center, mothers from the community prepare food for the children who come before or after school. Most days, it’s the only meal the children eat. Many of the children bring bowls so they can carry home food for younger siblings who aren’t in school.

4Life Fortify is a staple in these children’s diet through a partnership with Feed The Children, a U.S. based non-profit entity that distributes food and other essentials to people in need around the world. Feed The Children ensures that every child who visits the feeding center receives 4Life Fortify, a handmade tortilla, and greens—a well-balanced and nutritious meal. This program also helps relieve the heartache of parents who can’t afford to feed their children. These meals allow parents to devote their minimal resources to send their children to school, because the burden of providing food has been lessened.

“I know that the rice and bean mixture in 4Life Fortify has the vitamins and iron our children need. The pure rice we usually get doesn’t include these ingredients. This product is a great blessing.”
Mother of child in Honduras who receives 4Life Fortify
“I’m very grateful for an opportunity like this. 4Life Fortify is good because it’s given to children who usually don’t get breakfast before they go to school.”
Mother of child in Honduras who receives 4Life Fortify