4Life Fortify Nourishes Hungry Kids

Since 2011, 4Life has donated nearly 650,000 high-quality 4Life Fortify® meals full of vitamins, minerals, and 4Life Transfer Factor® to the Philippines. At the Dona Justa Guido Memorial School outside Manila, more than 250 high-risk students have exhibited various levels of malnutrition. At the start of the 4Life Fortify program in 2012, 158 students were considered extremely malnourished. With the help of 4Life Fortify, only eight are still in this category, and those eight children are showing signs of improvement. 4Life Fortify supports kids’ overall wellness and drastically improves their academic capabilities.

Dona Justa Guido Memorial School representatives also provides 4Life Fortify to about 30 families with children in the nutrition program because they don’t have means to feed their children for extended periods of time.

4Life Fortify is also served at a small community center in Rizal that provides food to children who don’t attend Dona Justa Guido Memorial School. 4Life Fortify has been particularly helpful for children with various special needs, because their disabilities are exacerbated by their lack of nutrition and proper growth. 4Life will continue to offer its support to this community. Through the 4Life Fortify program, we expect to see progress in the development of these children.

4Life Fortify in the Philippines

In conjunction with the fifth anniversary of 4Life Philippines, 4Life distributors teamed up with corporate executives to provide 4Life Fortify meals to more than 200 children in Sun Valley, Paranaque, Manila, Philippines. Fifteen distributors were in attendance, including International Diamonds Frank and Emeline Uy Tesy and International Diamond Evelyn Tactac. 4Life President Steve Tew and his wife Sherma were on-site, as well as 4Life Philippines Assistant General Manager Eileen Tan and Vice President of Communications Calvin Jolley.

The 4Life Fortify meals were cooked by Feed the Children staff members at the home of one of the families whose children received the product. As the children ate their portion of 4Life Fortify, they smiled and danced together with happiness. In addition to the food, the 4Life team also presented a school supply kit for each of the registered school kids to take home—something just for them. Everyone in attendance also enjoyed a fun magic show. The 4Life guests loved getting to know these special children.

At the Philippines anniversary event, Calvin launched 4Life Fortify and distributors responded with cheers and a standing ovation. The feeding event marked the first 4Life Fortify donation in Asia and will be followed by additional feeding events in the Philippines. These events give distributors the opportunity to get involved on a personal level with helping children in need in their own country.

“It was great to give a little bit of ourselves to these kids,” expressed Steve. “It’s an honor to represent our worldwide distributors, whose work continues to make our mission of service such a success.”
“There are so many hungry children in the Philippines,” commented Emeline. “And I know that this can help support their health and help them to build our country. Thank you for being here, 4Life!”