United States

4Life Fortify® Donated to Kids in Ohio
March 2014

4Life donated 800 bags of 4Life Fortify to Barberton Elementary West in Barberton, Ohio as part of a new nutrition program. Many children at the school come from families that struggle to provide food on a regular basis. During the school week, these kids receive breakfast and lunch at school but over the weekend, they often don't know when they will have a nutritious meal. 4Life Fortify helps provide high-risk families with nourishing food to supplement the minimal items the parents can afford.

4Life Employees and Distributors
Volunteer at Food Drive
March 2011

4Life employees and distributors volunteered at the Feed The Children Americans Feeding Americans Caravan. To date, the event has helped more than 200,000 families across the United States who have been affected by the nation’s economic downturn. Utah distributor leaders at the event included International Diamonds Kevin Moore and Carlos Ramírez. 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee and President Steve Tew and Home Office employees were also on-site to join in the service efforts.

Fifty 4Life volunteers distributed food and personal care products to over 800 families in need of humanitarian aid. Each family food package included three separate boxes of items, including non-perishable food, soap, laundry detergent, infant essentials, lotion, and household cleaners. 4Life also added 4Life Fortify® meal packs for each family receiving aid. This event was sponsored by Eagle Ministries, a Lehi, Utah based organization that serves the needy.

“Being able to support local relief projects is a humbling experience for our employees and distributors. 4Life’s worldwide growth has blessed our lives in so many ways, and it’s great to share our success with those who have fallen on hard times,” commented Foundation 4Life Director Tracie Kay. “I am grateful for the willingness of our volunteers to lighten the burdens of those in our own neighborhood.”

Help Fill the Bowl!
October 2013

Millions of children throughout the world do not have access to proper nutrition. In fact poor nutrition accounts for nearly half (45%) of the deaths in children under five. That is 3.1 million children every year. Beyond these major health concerns for young children, poor nutrition also affects early childhood education. 66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world. This makes it nearly impossible for these kids to learn and stay focused.

With such serious problems, nutrition is placed as the first pillar of 4Life’s three-fold service mission to improve the lives of children. Since launching 4Life Fortify over 3 million meals have been donated to help fight childhood malnutrition around the world. Even with all of these meals provided, more needs to be done. Millions of children remain hungry and with empty bowls in their hands.

4Life distributors have a unique opportunity to help fill the bowl of an individual child on a monthly basis, while continuing to grow their own business. Each bag of 4Life Fortify represents a daily meal for a child in need.

To help recognize these special efforts, 4Life distributors who attend Convention 2013: Live Your Dreams, will have a special opportunity to stand out for their efforts.

In the service section of the store there will be a very important sign. This sign will have an empty bowl, which represents the empty bowls of millions of children around the world. Anyone who attends Convention 2013: Live Your Dreams and purchases a bag of 4Life Fortify at the convention store will receive a personal name tag. This name tag allows you to place your name on the bowl, and with those who have committed to helping the 4Life Fortify nutrition program fight malnutrition all around the world.

If each person at convention donates just one bag of 4Life Fortify nearly 200,000 meals would be donated to hungry children. This would mean thousands of children will have their bowls filed for months to come. Be the one who cares, and remember just one bag will ensure one child has enough to eat for an entire month.

For more details look for the 4Life Service sections in the Convention 2013: Live Your Dreams store, or ask to add a bag of 4Life Fortify to any in store purchase.

Any 4Life distributors who do not have the chance to attend Convention 2013: Live Your Dreams, can still play an important role in fighting world hunger by adding a bag of 4Life to their monthly purchase.